Eviction Filing

When it becomes necessary to file for an Eviction,
CsS Services is here to help expedite the process.

We make filing and tracking the progress of an eviction easier than ever before. Whether using an attorney or self-filing, we deliver your cases to the courthouse and typically advance all court fees in order to take action as quickly as possible.

Once the eviction has been filed, we monitor every detail of the case to minimize all controllable timeframes. As actions occur, we immediately update your account which in turn can be tracked by you and if engaged, your attorney, through the receipt of emails or via our website to assure complete visibility as to when further actions are required.

Should a resident answer an eviction case, we will contact you immediately, and if directed, provide your attorney with the supporting documentation to support their attendance at any proceedings.

If an eviction is required, we also offer Eviction Set-Out and Clean-up Services in most jurisdictions. Our crews will coordinate directly with the sheriff, marshal, or constable in your property’s jurisdiction to expedite the process.


Eviction Set-Out Services

We appreciate the sensitive nature of an Eviction Set-Out and treat the process with highest degree of respect. Each eviction is carried out with a great deal of organization and always under the supervision of law enforcement to assure the process is completed safely and in a timely manner.

Our trained team handles each step of the physical setout process with the utmost level of integrity. We manage the physical eviction from end-to-end including set-out and clean up.


Saving lost profits from unpaid rents and fees can be difficult without the help of trained collectors. Our team of skilled collectors utilize information from resident files and a host of collection related tools to maximize the recovery of your delinquent accounts receivable. When available, our team is expert at leveraging details from the eviction filing process especially when a money judgments is obtained as a result of the process.

Our collections group often delivers record setting recovery percentages. Submission of collection cases can be accepted through: direct interface with many rent role systems; monthly prescheduled file pickups; uploads to our secure servers; or most any other client preferred methods. Our objective is to achieve accurate and timely submission of your collections files.

Because we are confident in our ability to collect on unpaid rent and related fees, CsS offers a success based pricing structure, so there is no cost to you unless we collect.


Resident Screening

Creating a risk profile for your potential and existing residents is your organizations responsibility; assuring residents meet that criteria is our only goal. Resident screening is the first step toward creating a positive relationship between your organization and your residents. We can directly interfacing with your rent role system to provide you with credit and criminal background reports, or our bilingual staff can perform cost effective independent verification of resident related employment and rental history. Our goal is simply to provide you with the tools and information necessary to assure achievement of the risk profile that you have established for your properties. Our vast access to data sources allow us to near instantaneously provide:
    • Credit History
    • Criminal History
    • Eviction History
    • Verification of Tax IDs
    • DMV Reports
    • Pending Convictions


* only limited by what is legally allowable within by jurisdiction
Opti-Rent Resident Screening


Employee Screening

Much like our Resident Screening, our employee screening services are personalized to meet the needs of our customers. By offering personalized screening options, we take the time to provide only the necessary information. Unlike other screening providers, our team can personally verify employment history and sift through criminal reports, providing only the most relevant information related to your potential candidate or employee. By accessing a variety of sources we are able to obtain a wide range of details on potential employees including but not limited to the following*:
Opti-Rent Resident Screening
  • Credit History
  • Criminal History
  • Eviction History
  • Verification of Tax IDs
  • DMV Reports
  • Pending Convictions
* only limited by what is legally allowable within by jurisdiction
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